Tutorial: Translate with Google Sheets

A quick and easy way to support your ELL students with translated vocabulary.
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John Alesch

Here is a quick tutorial on how you can use Google Sheets to translate Vocabulary and other Tier 2 and 3 words that students need to be successful in your class. You can then use this as a support tool, study tool, and even share it amongst team memembers. I don't apply much formatting here, but you could use this formula in any of your Google Sheets where needed, to look how you want it to.

Start by creating your Google Sheet and listing out any Vocabulary, Tier 2, or Tier 3 words you want translated.

To enter the formula type: =GOOGLETRANSLATE()
You can also select it from the list when it pops up.

The first thing you enter after the ( is the word you want translated. You could type the actual word here, but it works better to reference the cell you already have the word in. In our example it is Column A, Row 2, so we enter A2.

GOOGLETRANSLATE() takes 3 arguments (the values you put inside the parentheses). The first is the word (which we did in the last step). The second is the "source" language (what language our word is in). The third is the "target" language (what language we want it translated to).

Both the Source and Target languages must be entered as the 2 letter Google Language Code.
You can view all of the Google Language Codes that are supported here

Press Enter/Return and you will see the translated word appear in the cell.

Now for the time saver! Copy the formula down to any other row with a word and Google will translate each of them for you!

Conclusion: This is a super fast way for you to take voculary lists, or other words that English Language Learners struggle with, and give them a resource to help their learning. I am sure that with your creativity you can make many other amazing tools using this Google Sheets feature.