Tutorial: Gmail Templates

How to enable and use Gmail templates.
Open Gmail

John Alesch

GMail does support using and creating templates. They can be time savers for your most common emails. Below are 3 seperate tutorials, that all work together as one big tutorial. They include, how to enable templates in gmail, how to create a template, and how to apply a template.

How to enable Gmail templates: Follow the visual steps below to enable gmail.

How to create a Gmail template: Follow the visual steps below to creat a template.

How to use your Gmail template: Follow the visual steps below to use a template.

You can apply multiple templates to a single email. Here is an example of how I use multiple templates to create a quick email home when needed for work refusal.

If you want to customize the template each time you send it (with a students name for example), try using an identifier of some kind in your email to remind you to customize it.

Gmail templates can help automate some of the redundant emails that you need to send out throughout the year. Don't forget to still proof your email's before hitting send, and if you use multiple templates in a single email, be sure to check for redundancies (usually the closing line). As alway reach out if you have any questions.

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