Tutorial: Branching in Google Forms

How to use branching in Google Forms to create the "Impossible to Fail Quiz"
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John Alesch

Google Forms supports the ability to send users to a specific section of a quiz based on the answer that they give on a question.

This tutorial will walk you through a 2 question version of how to do this using the "Impossible to Fail Quiz" format.

This type of quiz is one where a student is redirected to a reteaching opportunity directly in the quiz if they get a question wrong. After their reteaching, they are directed back to the question to try again. Once, they get the question correct, they move on to the next question, until they have answered all questions correctly and submit the quiz. Thus, the title "Impossible to Fail Quiz"

Here is a link to the example I walk you through below if you want to try it for yourself first: The Impossible to Fail Quiz Example

1) Create a new Google Form and give it a title and any directions necessary.

2) Be sure to click on the settings icon in the top and select to make the form a quiz.

3) Create a multiple choice question and add the answers you want students to choose from.

4) Next, click on answer key and identify the correct answer and set the point value you want attached to the question.

5) Be sure to set the question as required so students can't just skip over it.

6) Now you will set up the structure of your test by creating the sectons. In this example each question will need to be in its own section.

Start by clicking the equal sign to create a new section.

7) You should see section 2 of 2 open up below section 1, which contains your question.

Give this section a title like the example below.

8) Reteaching Opportunity

Use the buttons on the right to insert some type of reteaching material. In this example, I used the video button to select a youtube video that teaches the student how to do what was asked in question 1.

9) Now add a multiple choice question underneath your video (reteaching material). This should be in section 2 still.

We are using a question to control the movement through the quiz, but this isn't really a question. Put text in the question box that directs the students to continue after they have done whatever reateaching material you posted. In this example, it will be after they watch the video. See the example below.

Be sure to use a multiple choice type, with only one answer, and turn on "Required".

10) Then, click on answer key and select the one answer as the correct answer, but be sure to leave the point value at 0.

11) Once again, use the equal icon and create a new section (This is now 3 of 3).

In this section you will add the next question you want your students to answer.

12) Remember, we are setting up the structure of our quiz first. So now you need to add section 4, and add in any reteaching material, follwed by the singe answer question to control the students movement through the quiz.

Your fourth section will look really similar to the second section. In fact, you could copy section 2 and paste it in as section 4. Thats what I did. Then I just found a new video that taught the skill from question 2.

NOTE: This tutorial is going to stop at a 2 question quiz. In reality you would continue this process of creating a question section, followed by a section that reteaches the concept, for as many questions as you want.

When you have finished adding all of your questions, you will move to the part where you link them together which is shown in the steps below.

13) Now return to section one where your first question is at and open up the menu located down by the "Required" button and choose "Go to section based on answer".

14) This will open up an option next to each answer that lets you dictate where the quiz should continue if that answer is chosen. Set the directions for the correct answer to SKIP to section 3 (which contains the next question) and set all the wrong answers to go to section 2 (which contains a reteaching element for students who didn't know the answer).

15) Now jump down to section 2. Turn on "go to section based on answer" for this question/statement. Then set the answer to take them BACK to question 1 in section 1.

By telling the single answer question to be required, we force the student to not be able to just skip over the video to move forward.

16) Next you are ready to go to section 3, turn on branching, and set the redirects for the wrong answers to go to the reteaching material in section 4.

Important: if this is your last question, like it is in my example, we need to set the redirect for the correct asnwer to "Submit Form". This makes sure that the quiz gets turned in with all of the students correct answers without having to go through section 4.

Finaly, make sure you set the section 4 redirect to bring the student back to question 2 in section 3 (This step is not pictured)

Student view: When the students take the quiz they see a regular quiz question on their screen.

Student view: If they choose a wrong answer, they will be take to the reteaching material we posted in section 2. Once they have watched the video, they can check they are ready to go back to the questions and click next.

*Tip: One thing I didn't do in the tutorial but you might want to, is to increase the size of the video. You just have to drag the window larger, but know that it will not resize automatically, as you can see below.

Reminder: Setting the questions to required ensures that students cannot just skip through your quiz.

Student view: Once the student checks the reteach button to return to the questions, they are directed back to the first question where they can change their answer.

Student view: If the student gets the question correct they will jump over the reteaching material and go to the next question.

Student view: After the student has progressed through the entire quiz and answers the final question correctly they will be directed to a page to submit their quiz.

Just a bit of data: One of the things I was aprehensive about this was that I wouldn't necessarily know who was struggling on what questions and who or how many were using the reteaching videos.

But, with the way I have set this up, I can find that information pretty easy. Here's how. Click on the Green Google Sheets Icon in the top right corner of the responses page.

Create a new sheet to see your information.

Your quiz information will load in the sheet. You will see student name information on your screen, but I tested this quiz not signed in as a student so we only see timestamp information.

The jumbled mess in Columns C through F has the information I am looking for, but needs to be cleaned up. So, highlight those columns.

Go to formatting and choose the "wrap" icon under text wrap. Shown below.

This organizes the answers and lets you see who was directed to the reteaching and then went back, and who did not ever see the reteaching, which for me, is useful information to have.

Summary: Branching in Google Forms can be very useful. I don't reccomend using this as an actuall assessment piece in the classroom, but I do think it is a very thorough teaching activity that can help make sure students don't have gaps in their learning process.