Tutorial: Google Drive Priority Workspace

How to set up and use the Google Drive Priority Workspace
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Guest Post:
J. Scarborough

Google Drive Priority Workspace is an easy to use tool that lets you organize access to your files, while not making you change the physical storage location of them. Combine shared documents and your own files in easy to use groups.

1) Navigate to your Google Drive, and click on "Priority" in the list of Drive locations. Then you will see the Priority Workspace as seen below.

2) Click on the "Create Workspace" button and then name the new workspace. (Think of this similar to the name of a folder you would store documents in)

3) It will ask you what files you want to be part of this workspace. Click on the "Choose other files" link to access your drive and add any files you want. You can always add and edit this workspace later.

4) Once you have selected your files and click "Done", your first workspace will be available. The files you added will be organized and accessible from this screen at all times, without having to dig through old emails, folders, or searching through your drive.

5) You can create multiple workspaces and organize them however you use your Google Files most.

6) Take a look at how our guest, Jennifer Scarborough, uses Priority Workspaces to organize her important files!

Google Priority Workspaces can really help you get organized with little to no effort. Simply set up the files you use most, or want easy access to, in groupings of your choice. Then you will have a quick way to get to them when you need them.

Special Thanks to Jennifer Scarborough for providing this resource and example to share with the staff.

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